Worker dispatch / Recruiting services

We are able to give prompt, accurate and immediate response to your business and human resources strategies and policies.

After signing an employment contract based on the Worker Dispatch Contract, the dispatch personnel will work under instructions of the client company.

Skilled and career oriented human resources are the driving force of any company.

Managing these talents, the right people on the right place, will be the lifeline and key to the company's business growth.

In order to provide immediate fire-power to our clients, Seiwa Support has a solid temp staff training and educating system.

Outsourcing division

Our experienced and specialized staff will be pointedly assigned to integrate all business tasks.

Allocation of highly skilled and specialized staff for companies seeking productivity and cost effectiveness.

Overall support of business tasks by our strictly selected personnel.



Electronic Componets



Machine Operation


Construction Material


Logistic and Transport

Nautical Equipments

Office Supplies

Synthetic Resin Molding

Surface Treatment

Industrial Components


Motorcycle Parts

Office Work

Trade Business Tasks

Quality Control

Office Equipment Operation